Já! / Yes!

by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir

  • for bassoon and electronics
  • composed in 2012
  • for Kristín Mjöll Jakobsdóttir
  • premiered at the Sláturtíð Festival 2012
  • at the Reykjavík Art Museum

“It entered my mind to record a conversation between two individuals and then cut out all the yeses . We say them in so many different ways”

“I think I am a bit of a mixer, I mix things together from different directions. I find it funny that my music is categorized as contemporary music. For me it is not the style but who the performer is that will effect the shape of the music”


Program Notes

Hafdís Bjarnadóttir´s composition, Já! or Yes! for bassoon and playback is composed for Kristín Mjöll in 2012 and reflects Hafdís’ background as an electric guitarist. The work is full of humour and many of the electronic sounds are surprisingly familiar.

With a background in rhythmic music as an electric guitarist, Hafdís has a reputation for breaking down barriers between different genres of music.

Chamber Works with Bassoon

  • Hikk!   for flute, clarinet, bassoon (2014)

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