Complete List of Works

Solo Bassoon / Bassoon + One

Back to the Beginning Again?

Bassoon Sonata – Bassoon in blue

Fönsun IV / Compositio IV

Hugleiðing / Elements

Já! / Yes!

Mutter (murmur, chat, bicker)

Sonata XII

Sumarsólstöður 1991

The Adventures of Rollant

The Groom of the Stool

Viscosity #1


Bassoon and String Trio

August Sonnet

Tales from a Forlorn Fortress


Bassoon Concertos

Geturðu leikið?

Trobar Clus


Bassoon Quartets


Quartetto per fagotti


Double Reeds

In a Waking Dream for oboe, bassoon and piano

Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano

Stím for 2 oboes, oboe d´amore, 2 english horns, 3 bassoons & contrabassoon


Chamber works

5+3=1 Unity  for octet

About People  ballet music in 6 scenes

Aequilibria  for chamber ensemble

Bergabesk  for woodwind quintet

Breathing  for wind octet

Clam  for chamber ensemble (13 players)

Eight-Line Stanza  for octet

Five Wheel Drive  for woodwind quintet

God´s Children  (Dimmalimm),  theatre music

Gövertimento  for woodwind quintet and piano

Hikk!   flute, clarinet, bassoon

Icelandic Rap VIII  for woodwind quintet

Leikar  for woodwind quintet

Miniaturen  for woodwind quintet and percussion

Scramble  for woodwind quintet

Sequences  for  bass flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, contrabassoon

Septet  for flute, clarinet, basson, violin, viola and cello

Sonata III  for flute, oboe d´amore, clarinet and bassoon

Streaming Arhythmia  for chamber ensemble

Tanzfiguren  for woodwind quintet and accordion

Together  for woodwind quintet and piano

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