Hugleiðing / Elements

by Anna Þorvaldsdóttir

  • for solo bassoon
  • composed in 2007
  • for Kristín Mjöll Jakobsdóttir
  • premiered on March 30th 2008
  • at the Nordic House in Reykjavík
  • by Kristín Mjöll Jakobsdóttir

Program Notes

The work comprises small meditations and fragments that are either intertwined to form longer motives or played surrounded by rests that function as time for reflection.

– Anna Thorvalds 2008

Chamber Works with Bassoon

  alto flute, bass clarinet, bassoon, french horn, piano, trombone, violin, viola, cello, bass

  oboe / english horn (2), clarinet / bass clarinet (2), french horns (2), bassoons (2)

  bass flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, contrabassoon

  bass flute, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, double bass, percussion, violin, viola, cello

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